Vehicle modifications

After your payment and recall clearance documents have been received, RIV will send you an inspection form. The inspection form contains information about the modifications necessary to pass the RIV inspection.

It is important that you do not proceed with any modifications to your vehicle until you receive the RIV inspection form that outlines the modifications to be completed in order to pass the inspection process.

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It is your responsibility to complete any necessary modifications and the RIV inspection, within 45 days (or 1 year for salvage vehicles) from the date of import.

The Motor Vehicle Safety Act does not require modifications to be performed by any specific individual or agency. However, in some cases, the manufacturer has advised Transport Canada that any modifications to the vehicle must be performed by a service centre authorized by the manufacturer. Manufacturer specific requirements are published in Transport Canada’s List of Vehicles Admissible from the United States.

Should you decide to have a third party perform the required modifications, RIV cannot be held liable for voided warranties, damage to the vehicle or compromised safety and drivability of the vehicle. We recommend that you contact the manufacturer to discuss appropriate parts or warranty issues prior to having modifications performed.

Please keep detailed receipts for parts and labour of the modifications to present at the time of RIV inspection, along with the Vehicle Import Form - Form 1 and the RIV inspection form.

Typical Vehicle Modifications

Vehicle type:  

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