CBSA entry requirements

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) office at the point of entry will process the import of your vehicle into Canada.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) assists Transport Canada with the administration of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act and the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations by administering and enforcing the conditions under which new and used vehicles may be imported at CBSA points of entry. The Motor Vehicle Safety Act regulates the importation of vehicles to reduce the risk of death, injury, and damage to property and the environment.

CBSA officers will:

  • Check documentation
  • Ensure you have the required documents including title documents, registration or proof of ownership.

    Please Note: If the importer of a leased or financed vehicle cannot obtain the original Certificate of Title or a certified copy of the Certificate of Title, he/she must present a copy of the Certificate of Title with an original statement/letter from the financing/leasing company authorizing that the vehicle be exported from the United States and permanently imported into Canada. The statement/letter should identify the vehicle and include the VIN number.

    All Transport Canada requirements for documentation and the process at the border are contained in Customs D-19-12-1 memorandum.

  • Provide Vehicle Import Form – Form 1 (or Vehicle Imported for Parts Form - Form 3 for parts-only vehicles)
  • It is your responsibility to complete it. Retain this form as it is required by your province or territory to licence the vehicle

  • Verify Admissibility
  • CBSA will check your vehicle against Transport Canada's List of Vehicles Admissible from the United States, verify the VIN and manufacturer's Statement of Compliance (SOC) label.

  • Facilitate Payment
  • CBSA may facilitate payment of the non-refundable RIV Fee.

    The import fee may be facilitated at the Canadian Border Services Agency [CBSA] upon declaration of the vehicle into Canada, this would be subject to the time and availability of the office to facilitate this service. Please note that payment of RIV fees can be made on-line, in person or by mail.

Please note that payment of fees and receipt of Vehicle Import Form – Form 1 does not guarantee that your vehicle will conform with applicable federal and provincial or territorial requirements.

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