Provincial licensing

In order to register and license an imported vehicle, you must present your stamped Vehicle Import Form – Form 1, along with the bill of sale, title and proof of insurance as well as any other information or documentation required by the provincial/territorial licensing jurisdiction, to a licensing office in your province/territory of residence.

Contact the appropriate jurisdiction for detailed information on how to obtain provincial or territorial licensing:


Web site:
Phone: 780 427-7013 or 310-0000 toll-free within Alberta

Alberta - Tire Recycling Management Program

  British Columbia

Web site:
Phone: 604 661-2800 or 1-800-663-3051

British Columbia - Tire Stewardship Program

Emission testing Web site:


Web site:
Phone: 204 985-7000 or 1-800-665-2410 within Manitoba

Manitoba - Used Tire Stewardship Program

  New Brunswick

Web site:
Phone: 506 684-7901 or 1-888-762-8600

New Brunswick – Tire Stewardship Program

  Newfoundland and Labrador

Web site:
Phone: 709 729-2519 or 1-877-636-6867

Newfoundland and Labrador - Tire Recycling Program

  Northwest Territories

Web site:
Phone: 867 873-7402

  Nova Scotia

Web site:
Phone: 902 424-5851 or 1-800-898-7668 within Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia - Used Tire Management Program


Web site:
Phone: 867 975-6000 or 1-888-975-5999


Web site:
Phone: 416 235-2999 or 1-800-387-3445

Ontario - Tire Stewardship Program

Emission testing Web site:

  Prince Edward Island

Web site:
Phone: 902 368-5200

Prince Edward Island - Tire Recovery Program


Web site:
Phone: 514 873-7620 or 1-800-361-7620 within Quebec

Quebec - Quebec Integrated Used Tire Management Program


Web site:
Phone: 306 775-6900 or 1-800-667-9868 within Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan - Scrap Tire Program


Web site:
Phone: 867 667-5315 or 1-800-661-0408 within Yukon

Yukon - Used Tire Management Program

Please note that U.S. title history search results are shared with all licensing jurisdictions in Canada through the Interprovincial Records Exchange (IRE). This information may be used by the jurisdiction when determining whether or not to license a vehicle.

Every province and territory has the statutory authority to issue or refuse to issue a license for a vehicle, and a prior U.S. title brand will be one of the factors taken into consideration in the process. Find out more about Vehicle branding history.

Title history searches

RIV recommends that importers conduct a complete title history search on a vehicle before purchase, in order to see all brands assigned to that vehicle by U.S. licensing jurisdictions.

The following companies provide title histories for a fee:



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